Postpartum Day 139


Postpartum Day 139… Lately I’ve been feeling great, in large part thanks to #4thtriyogachallenge. My foreign postpartum body is becoming more familiar and comfortable. A general sense of calm and stability has replaced the emotional and physical roller coaster that is the 4th trimester… for the most part. Every so often something will remind me that I’m not quite “there” yet.

Today it was pure exhaustion.

By 11 am I was ready to collapse into a teary, crumpled postpartum mess. We had planned a coastal drive in my brother-in-law’s fun convertible and I almost decided to stay home and sleep… but my soul was longing for sunshine and fresh air.

As we were cruising through the heaven that is California, blasting music and drinking in the ocean views, I sank into my breathing and gave thanks to be alive. I reminded myself that happiness is a choice, and that I have the power to put a smile on my face no matter how tired I am.

And the world needs more of my smile, my husband and children especially. I want them to see me loving motherhood and loving life.

So I made a resolution today to complain less and smile more. Life is too precious not to.