Thank You Apple Guy

Dear Friendly Apple Guy, Yesterday I walked into your store wearing the same clothes I was in two days before, no shower, no makeup, exhausted, dehydrated, and terrified of surviving the next hour in a busy store with my fussy 4-month old son. We lasted about 15 minutes before my overtired baby began to cry. It's never my preference to breastfeed in a room full of 100+ strangers, and I've heard horror stories of women who have been publicly humiliated for feeding their babies without a cover. But when I latched my baby to my bare breast right in front of you, you didn't miss a beat. There was not a hint of disgust or repulsion in your eyes. In fact, when I timidly asked you to snap a photo of the moment for my social media project, you smiled widely and proceeded to spend 10 minutes getting a good shot while my phone was busy updating. You told me all about how you worked at Disneyland and saw moms nursing their babies all the time and how you think it should be considered totally normal. You agreed with me that it's important to share these moments on social media to empower women to breastfeed their babies without fear. And thanks to your beautiful, compassionate support, I felt victorious and powerful in that moment. I was too tired to remember your name, but whoever you are, thank you on behalf of all breastfeeding mothers. Thank you for helping us change the way the world views the sight of a woman nurturing her child.

(And thank you, Apple, for making products so interesting that pretty much everyone in the store was too distracted to notice me anyway.)

Sincerely, A Grateful Mother