Hello, Welcome to Empowered Birth Project!


Recent times have seen a surge of new followers on my Instagram page, and I just want to say, Welcome! I'm glad you're here! Thank you for bringing your beautiful presence to this project. Let me introduce myself, for those of you who are new to this community. My name is Katie. I love life and humanity and I'm mildly (totally) obsessed with the process of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Alongside my husband of nine years, I've taken part in this glorious rite of passage three times, and we have three beautiful, thriving boys. During days off from my career as an RN, I pick up Legos and sneak in some yoga in between breastfeeding and diaper changes. Life is chaotic and messy and busy in the best possible way.

Empowered Birth Project was born just a few hours after our second child joined us Earth side in the comfort of our home. In the wee hours of that morning, after the midwives had gone and with a newborn asleep at my breast, I resolved to have another child, again at home and this time medically unassisted and on camera to make a beautiful film to share with the world. Even then, my heart fluttered with excitement as I envisioned that perfect, triumphant moment, much like the one I had just experienced, which was the one of the most empowering experiences of my life.

A third pregnancy followed three years later, and I found Carlo Alberto Orecchia, an Emmy award nominated cinematographer, to direct and produce the film with us. I began documenting my journey on Instagram, not really expecting it to amount to much at first. I thought, "Well, this is better than no documentation at all." I had no idea the incredible community that awaited me there and which became my virtual village of support throughout a most unexpected journey.

Nothing went as planned. My son required an emergency cesarean to be safely born, and although my dream of another home birth had vanished, a much broader vision of Empowered Birth Project became clear. I realized this project extends far beyond the production of a film and into the vast reaches of the birth world, which is really the entire world. Amidst the much-needed natural/home birth movement we are currently experiencing, I have discovered that my true passion is to encourage and promote self-actualization through birth and motherhood. To reclaim, to own, and to embrace this rite of passage as our own. To discover within the raw depths of childbirth our greatest potential as human beings, and to feel empowered every step of the way. That through the gates of heaven and hell, loss and life, we might discover everything we are capable of becoming.

As the vision continues to expand, I now understand how this platform will be used to create social change. The normalization of breastfeeding (and bottle feeding), the love and acceptance of self and others, the very real struggles of childbearing in a country that does not support its birthing women... Change is needed and it is needed now. Together we can achieve this. The sharing of traditions, wisdom ancient and new, and the aesthetic beauty of the human body throughout the life cycle will also be explored through this project. And it's just getting started. There's much more to come.

Again I thank you for joining me here. Empowered Birth Project is an incredible global community, and I am honored to stand with you as we bring birth to light.


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