What's New With EBP?

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've given a general update on Empowered Birth Project, so here goes (to inquire about any of the below, contact me): 


Not a day goes by that I don't ask myself "What is the vision of Empowered Birth Project? How can I use this platform to inspire others and better the world? What does empowerment look and feel like?" 

What began as a desire to share my pregnancy and birth experience has blossomed into something so much bigger, far beyond my personal journey. This project has been so well received on social media that I can't help but envision it to grow into events, humanitarian service, publications, activism and more. All of this will take time and patience and a lot of work from many more people than just myself. But I believe in all of it. And thank you for believing in it too. 


When I started my Instagram page two years ago, I was documenting my third pregnancy and birth with Emmy award winning director Carlo Alberto Orecchia to create a short inspirational film. Last November I did an Indeigogo campaign to raise money to move the film into production. We raised over $3k but not enough to cover the cost of editing the 24 hours of footage we have. I feel the film needs to expand beyond my personal story; I will soon be meeting with the director to discuss this at length and I will share with you how things progress. Making a documentary is a lot of work, come to find out! 


Slowly but surely I've been building EBP's online presence here on the website and other social media channels (come like my page on Facebook!). We have recently started publishing stories here again! If you would like to submit your story to the blog, you can do so here or email it to me at It can be a birth story or anything related to womanhood, parenthood, motherhood, loss, infertility, pregnancy, reproductive health, etc. 


A while ago I announced the creation of a newsletter. Well, I have a lot on my plate (understatement) and I haven't created it yet. But it will happen! And it will be good. You can sign up for it here or by entering your email address in the pink bar at the top of the website. 


We are still selling hats and tanks! My co-designer is Mothersun And The Captain and the merchandise is printed right here in California. Your purchase supports the film project as well as two hard working mamas! Check out our rad hats and tanks here!


I am now accepting paid sponsorships to support the work I am doing (this project could easily be a full-time job!) in exchange for publicity on my Instagram page and/or visual advertisement here on the website. I am also available for speaking gigs, promotional events, guest blog posts, affiliate relationships, brand ambassadorship etc. Contact me to inquire. 

Big love + thanks to my amazing sponsors who have believed in me since the beginning, who support this work, and who are creating incredible goods and services that empower women all over the world:

 Euphoric Herbals :: high quality herbal products for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum. I use these products personally and they are divine!

Sacred Legacy Arts :: custom, handcrafted jewelry featuring your sacred inclusions such as breastmilk, hair, placenta, umbilical cord, or a loved one's ashes.

Doula Trainings International ::  a rich and supportive 9-month training program which includes ongoing mentorship, business skills and in-depth video classes that complement a rigorous initial workshop, an extensive reading list, and practical experience requirements. This program offers lifetime certification to become a birth and postpartum doula. I am currently finishing my doula training with DTI and I am Use code EMPOWEREDBIRTH for $50 off an in-person training or code EBSUMMER16 for $397 off the online training until August 15, 2016.


If you live in the Los Angeles area, I am currently available for hire as a birth and postpartum doula. I also do placenta encapsulation and social media consultation. Contact me to inquire.


My sister project Mindful Mamas that I co-created with Jana Roemer is blossoming into something really beautiful! Check out our website, follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for inspiration on mindful living, yoga, nutrition, health, parenting, and more!  

I've also started a new Instagram page called Fed Is Best, which aims to celebrate and support ALL the many ways we feed our babies. Go check it out! 


Phew. Did I miss anything? Probably. Haha. #busyAF

Photo by  Joanna Wilson Photography

Cesarean necklace by Roots In Silver

Tank available here