"The Birth Of My Dreams:" Felicity's Home Water Birth

The following words are excerpts from this original blog post by mama Diana, "a Dominican woman, mother of two, marrying the love of my life, and lover of all things beautiful."  

There got to a point where I was exhausted and sore. I screamed and I threw a couple of F bombs while Andy whispered encouraging words to me.

felicity labor 2.JPG

I was in so much pain, when the midwife went to check the baby’s head I slapped her hand (which I was so embarrassed about afterwards) Andy calmed me down when I felt like I was losing control, he rubbed me, and told me that I was going to do this and that I needed to trust myself.

felicity doulas.JPG

I cried and then I started to push for another twenty five minutes when I started feeling the head coming out, and it was such an insane and intense sensation, the shoulders were finally through and I went to grab my baby, but I was scared she/he would slip out of my hands so Robyn and placed her on my shoulder.

I felt such a sense of relief and accomplishment in that moment.

I thought she was a boy because I touched the cord and thought it was a penis lol when Robyn opened up her legs and showed us she was a girl I just started crying tears of joy. We had got our little girl, and she was so perfect and so beautiful.

felicity just born.JPG
We conquered something that day and there wasn’t a dry eye in that room. I’m so happy that I got to experience the birth of my dreams, and I’m so blessed to have shared it with the people I love the most.

Photos and video: Moments By Michelle Marie

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